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ACBL Bridge Beat #38: 1956 Highlights

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1956 was a progressive year for the ACBL. It started on Jan. 1 when ACBL became a League of bridge players from all of America instead of just part of it. Although ACBL had been working in agreement with the Western Division (formerly the Pacific Bridge League) since the Forties, they finally integrated. The Western Division headquarters was erected in Los Angeles and all financing was consolidated.

Next ACBL adopted new By-Laws that included a more democratic system of electing the League’s officers and Directors and the League redistricted into more equitable divisions of playing areas.

New schedules were adopted for the Nationals. A third national (Spring) was added to the schedule and slated to begin in 1958. The Spring Nationals would host all of the open championship events, the Summer National would host the championship events requiring 100 masterpoints or more and the Fall National would host the championship events requiring 50 masterpoints or more.

In addition, the National Tournament Directors were added to the company payroll as salaried employees, $76,000 was raised for the Crippled Children’s Fund, annual dues to the units were discontinued, financial statements of the League were simplified, a new Laws Commission was formed and Jacoby Transfers were approved for use in National tournaments.

Western Division Headquarters

Western Division Headquarters


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