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ACBL Bridge Beat #32: Goodwill

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A 1958 Goodwill reminder from committee chairmen, Louise Durham and John Simon:

Gloating over boards you’ve won
Offends good taste – it isn’t done.
Overlook your partner’s crime
Dress him down at dinnertime.
When a stranger is in the game
Introduce yourself by name.
Lose or win, let’s try to be
Less guilty of discourtesy.

Louise “Honeychile” Durham (d.1999) of Durant MS was Life Master # 358 and the first Life Master in Mississippi. She served as ACBL director and secretary, co-chairman of the Goodwill Committee and the WBF Friendship Committee. She was a past president of Mississippi Bridge Association. Durham was named ACBL Honorary Member 1974.

John E. Simon (1897-1993) of St. Louis MO was a limited partner in a brokerage firm. Life Master #641, Simon was chairman of the ACBL Goodwill Committee. A two-time North American champion, Simon was the ACBL Honorary Member in 1962.

Louise Durham and John Simon

Louise Durham and John Simon


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